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Here’s my love

No matter what the consequence is

I just want to feel your touch

I’m sorry if I made life rough

I just had to know why

Since that day

She cheated and she ran away

I got drunk I thought I’d be ok

The blood the hate that spilled out of me

I’m sorry

Father & Son

Sympathy is great but empathy is better

You say that you lost your love

And you seemed so bitter

But what if you never had it from the start

Oh how black, how black that would make your heart


You think you have courage

You think you got it all figured out

If you’re thinking that we’re alright

Oh well now father I wouldn’t go that far

This reality has changed my perception

And I’ve become frail from your bristled affection

No I won’t put my hand in the cookie jar

It’s done it’s over


Well I was searching for a life that wouldn't leave

While I failed to see, that life ain't all about me

I regretfully insist, all the moments that I missed

They were for this

To start anew and start with you


from Family Portrait, released July 8, 2016



all rights reserved


This Noise Evansville, Indiana

We are a band with one goal, to make amazing music for people to appreciate.

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