Family Portrait

by This Noise

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This album is a story about the relationship of a father, son, and mother. It deals primarily with heartbreak, alcoholism, infidelity, and an attempt at forgiveness. To get the best representation of the music, please listen with the lyrics provided.


released July 8, 2016

Written and Performed by Stephen Bradfield, Andrew Fallwell, Thomas Fallwell, and Dylan Woodall

Trumpet by Kenny DeMoss

Engineered, mixed, and mastered at Clockwork Sound studios in Evansville, IN

Album artwork thanks to Kerra Fallwell



all rights reserved


This Noise Evansville, Indiana

We are a band with one goal, to make amazing music for people to appreciate.

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Track Name: Prologue
All of our lives are precious
And for every word we say, every action we take
We affect people
It is our responsibility as humans to lift each other up
Not to tear down
And with our lives being as short as they are
Why would we waste time on malice?
My brothers, this ought not be so
I have spent far too much time not only allowing it
But provoking it
Please, learn from my story
Track Name: Drink

The life I’m left to live must be left behind

If God had a plan when he made me then he must have been half high

So we take all our love and throw it away we feel that someday we might be saved

So we take all our hate and throw it away for that rainy day

So let the choir sing

I drink too much I need some time to think

I think too much I need some time to drink

Confrontational words they break my mind

Words with no meaning whose sole purpose is to make me argue all the time

So we take all our love and throw it out because what is life without some doubt

And I’ll take my hand and put it out to you
Track Name: Measured Markings
Father to Mother

I’m in a house familiar feelings on the floor

This is my house there’s measured markings on the door

My son’s upstairs my wife is nowhere to be found

I pull my hair calm down, sit down, and down it

I go outside I feel the wind that’s on my face

I am outside deciding whether or not to chase

Don’t leave my side cause I will not give up this chase

Don’t leave my side Don’t leave my side

I know you aren’t I know you’re not better than this

I know that you’re not better than this you’ve been sleeping around

I gave you time oh yeah I patiently endured

Life gave you mine looking back that’s just absurd

Just come back home this will have never taken place

I’ve seen your eyes and they’ve been distant for days

I’ve heard you cry almost every single night

Just come back home Just come back home

I know you aren’t I know you’re not better than this

I know that you’re not better than this you’ve been sleeping around town

Take! Take! Take! All I have from me and

Burn! Burn! Burn! All the will that you see

Two hearts intertwined but a head that’s made for fools

I gave you love you gave me life without you
Track Name: Folly

She left him and now he sees

The folly of the life he leads


The folly of the life I lead


I’m like a tree that’s uprooted through

The means which I did not choose


Means which he didn’t choose

So son I need you to know life ain’t always fair

Just grow up and be a man


You were never there for me

So I’ll try my hand I’ll be a man

You left me by myself

So I’ll drink this shelf forget this hell

I’m falling down and I think I’m drunk

But it helps to keep my feelings numb


It helps to keep my feelings numb


And I shouldn’t have to go to this extreme

Oh God I’m you or so it seems


Oh God he’s me or so it seems


I’m gonna end up just like you
Track Name: The Fight

I was searching for my son

I found him that boy was drinking up rum

I said he was foolish do as I say and not as I do

Because I, I’m living to die

And he said

Don’t lecture me because I already know

If you’re gonna die

Well that’s what I hope

I’ve failed him he’s falling he’s crying

I’m trying to stop but my mind works too slow

I wasn’t thinking I threw a punch he fell to the ground

And I, on this path I am bound

Intoxicating this feeling I found

And I can’t stop till he don’t make a sound

He says I’m a monster and I think he’s right

But what does it matter if I win the fight

I’ve failed him he’s falling he’s dying

Oh how it felt when my fist hit his face

Not to sound resolute but God it felt great
Track Name: Somber Song

I said I’d show him no mercy well that turned out well

I’ve got problems yeah we all do

And I’d guess that you can tell

Followed down like an amateur with immaturity

I felt my life hit rock bottom with every hit he felt

So I’ll sing this somber song

So I can sober up

I’ve been trying my whole life

But I guess it’s a bit too tough

I’m a dry river bed with dirt all around

You’re the water and you’ve left me for much much greener ground

I’m a tree I’m uprooted by soil so spoiled

It feels that by one oak it cannot no will not be bound

She said “kill the lies before I leave

Because obviously it wasn’t ever me

Those words hit like a train going full speed ahead

Oh I love you no I love him I wish that you were dead

(Mother & Son: I wish that I was dead)

My mistakes are mine I’ll live up to that but I will not be patronized and here’s what I’ll emphasize

I will not hold your grudges for you so it might be best to move on
Track Name: This World Is All Mad

If I were to go and die you wouldn’t see me

If I were to pick up stride you couldn’t flee me

We’re two peas in a pod of bitter treatment

I just never thought that you would leave him

Father & Son

This world is all mad and I just can’t seem to

Find my place at my pace

But this world’s not all bad I just can’t seem to go and

Find my place at my pace


There were two things you told me when you left

If you tell a lie long enough then it becomes the truth

And if you put yourself on a pedestal

You won’t, no you won’t lose your view
Track Name: Sympathy/Empathy

Here’s my love

No matter what the consequence is

I just want to feel your touch

I’m sorry if I made life rough

I just had to know why

Since that day

She cheated and she ran away

I got drunk I thought I’d be ok

The blood the hate that spilled out of me

I’m sorry

Father & Son

Sympathy is great but empathy is better

You say that you lost your love

And you seemed so bitter

But what if you never had it from the start

Oh how black, how black that would make your heart


You think you have courage

You think you got it all figured out

If you’re thinking that we’re alright

Oh well now father I wouldn’t go that far

This reality has changed my perception

And I’ve become frail from your bristled affection

No I won’t put my hand in the cookie jar

It’s done it’s over


Well I was searching for a life that wouldn't leave

While I failed to see, that life ain't all about me

I regretfully insist, all the moments that I missed

They were for this

To start anew and start with you
Track Name: 75 Fingers

You said the drink is gone

You’d gotten right with God

But with all the lies it don’t mean much to me

So I’ll make this clear you better listen hear

I need you to know that forgiving is not forgetting


But I won’t point fingers

Because it always ends up

That there’s 75 fingers pointed back at me

I know I’ve lost my mind

And I can’t make this work

But I swear I’m fine

No matter how much this hurts

So I’ll make this clear you better listen hear

I need you to know that forgiving is not forgetting

Father & Son

But I won’t point fingers

Because it always ends up

That there’s 75 more fingers they’re pointed back at me

If I could change the past

Then I would change the past

But I can’t change the past